ArchPosé is an online Architecture and Design magazine within Ghana and Africa as a whole. The website seeks to expose news, interviews, projects, products, events, competitions etc with the aim of creating awareness about the occurrence in the Built Environment and design disciplines for Architects,  Industry professionals and the general public. It is to serve as the converging point for information and updates regarding the practice of Architecture in Ghana and Africa at large.

The idea is to create a platform that showcases the kind of architecture we have and are having in Ghana and the African continent as a whole. This can be leveraged to create discussions on how to improve the profession and learn from one another. It is the rationale behind such backgrounds that has necessitated the establishment of ArchPosé and we wish to ask that you will be forthcoming with sending us your selected projects and news for publishing as part of our content gathering for this initiative.

We hope that we will get the needed support from your outfit to help promote, propagate and educate the general public and professionals about Architecture and the Built Environment.

Any Architect or Firm interested in publishing their works or news; for

  1. Existing projects
  2. Ongoing projects
  3. Design proposals

Should send projects accompanied with text descriptions and at least 10 photographs. A Google drive link can be shared for us to download the pictures if more than 25MB

Projects should be sent to us via mail with subject PROJECT at  or call [00233]274400043 for assistance.

Some guidelines in writing about your projects include:

  1. Name of Project, Location and Client
  2. Firm / Office in charge
  3. Architect[s] in charge –[optional]
  4. Design Team
  5. Date of completion [if finished]
  6. Project Area [in square metres]
  7. Expected Date of completion [if in progress]
  8. Expected Construction date [if it’s yet to be built]
  9. Project budget [optional]
  10. Structural Engineers [optional]
  11. Mechanical & Electrical Engineers [optional]
  12. Construction Company [optional]
  13. Background of Project
  14. Design Philosophy and Concept
  15. Structural System and Materials
  16. Project Peculiarity [optional]
  17. Challenges encountered
  18. Photographs / Perspectives [if it is not built]


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