Low regard for architectural appreciation has been the worry for most Architects in Ghana and to an extent most parts of Africa. This concern for lack of appreciation for architecture probably stems from the fact that the potential of architecture to transform our built environment has been down played.

National Theatre, Accra-Ghana | ArchPose

Architecture is an art which is used to articulate the form, character, shape and the direction a society intends heading with its physical environment. It is also a science in the sense that in addition to the art, there is a  sense of practicality and functionality as to how tangible the art can be for human comfort. The science aspect entails but not limited to lighting, ventilation, acoustics etc.

Villagio, Accra-Ghana | Archpose

Architecture further represents the values of a society, its ideals and approaches of thinking within a specific era or period; and it is [that is, architecture] massively influenced by the culture of the society, the  economic status of the society and prevailing technology. We certainly as a Nation have myriad challenges but we must appreciate the influence of architecture on the physical and built environment which in turn influences all other activities because everything happens within a space.

Ridge Hospital, Accra-Ghana | Akua T. Yawson

Join us, as we use this medium or platform to talk about Architecture and the built environment within Ghana and Africa at large. Together, let us leverage on the potential of architecture to transform our societies for the better.

Welcome to our journey of promoting architecture in Ghana and by extension, Africa at large.




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